*Each Portion of cheese comes with a fruit paste and crispy thin bread

Pecorino Sardo - Italy | 10

Hard cheese from the Italian island of Sardina which is made from sheep milk: specifically from the milk of local Sardinian breed.

Kefalograviera - Greek | 8.50

It's a hard cheese made using the pasteurised milk of local sheep and goats. Kefalograviera is one of the most popular Greek cheeses.

Caciocavallo- Benevento Italy | 6.50

Semi- hard cheese made from Cow’s milk. This truffle flavoured cheese is lightly sweet with a creamy yellow interior

Ubriaco (Drunk) al Prosecco - Italy  | 8

Hard cheese made from Cow's milk. This cheese is immersed in Prosecco for about 4 months.

Fontina- Italy | 6.50

 Semi hard/soft cheese made from Cow’s milk. This cheese has a robust, rich, nutty, complex flavour with earthy savoury notes

Iberico - Spain | 7.50

Semi-hard cheese, made from sheep's, goat's and cow's milk. This cheese has a nutty and fruity flavour rich and buttery texture.

Bleu d’Auvergne French | 7

Semi soft cheese, made from Cow's milk. This Blue cheese has a spicy aroma, assertive flavour and smooth texture

Double Cream Brie- Adelaide Hills  South Australia |8

Soft cheese, made from Cow's milk. This cheese has a rich and buttery flavour

Taleggio- Italy | 7

Soft cheese made washed- rind Cow’s milk. This cheese has a nutty and meaty flavour Made in the caves of Italy’s Val Taleggio

Rulo de Cabra - Spain | 7.50

Soft organic Goats cheese made from goat's milk served with Italian EVO, Black Pepper and Fig's Vincotto.

Treccine Mozzarella Vanella - Italy (Made in NSW) | 7

These "Little Braids" are stretched by hand. This cow's milk cheese is the true mozzarella of south Italy. The Treccine is served with Italian EVO, Sea Salt Flakes, Ground Pepper.

Parmigiano Reggiano - Italy  | 10

Aged for 18-24 months

Asiago - Italy | 8

Semi-hard cheese made from Cow's milk. Asiago cheese has a very sweet and nutty flavour, the texture is dominated by hundreds of small holes and a flexible, pleasantly elastic mouthfeel

Assorted  Cheese Plate | 27

Pecorino Di Fossa, Truffle Caciocavallo, Stracciatella, Double Cream Brie


Jamon Serrano- Spain | 8

Cured 18 months

Pino’s Mortadella- Italian | 6

Culatta Villani - Italy  | 9.50

A Unique product of the Villani Norcia tradition which is made from the core of the ham and has a distinctive pear shape and flavour.

LP's Hot Salami Cotto - SYD NSW | 9

Cooked pork salami, made with toasted fennel, garlic, pepper, smoked for 5 hours.

Bresaola - Italy (Made in Australia)  | 15

Cured beed meat served with shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, Italian EVO, Roman Artichoke.

Sobrasada- Eastern Spain | 7

Spreadable chorizo – cured

Lonza - Italy | 7

Salted, cured and dried pork loin which has ben seasoned with herbs and spices.

Porchetta - Homemade | 12

3 hours slow cooked Porchetta, thin sliced.

Sorpressa Salami (HOT) - Italy | 6.50

Tartufo Salami- Italian (Made in Aus) | 7.50

 Pork Salami w/ truffle shavings.

Duck and Cheery Pate - Melbourne | 12

Assorted  Meats | 31

Prosciutto-Italian, Tartufo Salami, Mortadella, Sobrasada Chorizo.


Ortiz Anchovies- Spain | 16.50

In Olive oil,  Salted for 6-12 Months, complex texture and intense flavour

Mussels - Ria De Arosa - Spain | 16.50

Packed in a modestly spicy, vinegar-based escabeche marinade

Olasagasti Cantabrian Anchovies-Spain |16.50

Each hand filleted fish delivers an umami bomb of vegemite-y flavour.

Cantabrian White - Spain | 12

 These white Anchovies are marinated in a mixture of vinegar and olive oil

Pollastrini Sardines - Italian 12

Sardines in olive oil, wild caught and only sardines from the Mediterranean Sea are used.

Ortiz Riserve Bonito- Spain | 14.50

White Tuna,  line caught and is freshly cooked and hand packed in olive oil hours after harvesting.


Homemade German Pretzel  | 4ea

Stone Oven Baguette | 3.50ea

White Ciabatta | 3.50ea

*Each portion of bread comes with Hickory wood chip Smoked Butter