*Each Portion of cheese comes with a fruit paste and crispy thin bread

Pecorino di fossa- Italy | 10

Hard cheese, made from Maremma sheep's milk.

The wheels of cheese are buried and aged in underground wells at the end of summer for 6-7 months producing a deep and rich flavour

Mimolette- French | 8.50

Hard cheese made from Cow's milk. This cheese Has a hazelnutty flavour resembling that of parmesan cheese

Caciocavallo- Benevento Italy | 6.50

Semi- hard cheese made from Cow’s milk. This truffle flavoured cheese is lightly sweet with a creamy yellow interior

Gruyere- Switzerland ( Swiss alps) | 6.50

Semi- hard cheese made from Cow's milk. This cheese has a smooth and nutty flavour

Fontina- Italy | 6.50

 Semi hard/soft cheese made from Cow’s milk. This cheese has a robust, rich, nutty, complex flavour with earthy savoury notes

Marilla- Kiama ( Local ) | 7.50

Semi- soft  washed rind cow’s milk cheese. This cheese has a soft buttery interior which develops a rich, nutty and slightly mushroomy flavour

Bleu d’Auvergne French | 7

Semi soft cheese, made from Cow's milk. This Blue cheese has a spicy aroma, assertive flavour and smooth texture

Double Cream Brie- Adelaide Hills  South Australia |8

Soft cheese, made from Cow's milk. This cheese has a rich and buttery flavour

Taleggio- Italy | 7

Soft cheese made washed- rind Cow’s milk. This cheese has a nutty and meaty flavour Made in the caves of Italy’s Val Taleggio

La Luna Holy Goats - Victoria Australia | 7.50

 Soft organic Goats cheese made from goat's milk. This cheese is  runny inside the rind, curdy and smooth in the centre, with a delicate flavoursome and nutty profile.

Stracciatella- Italian (Made in Syd Australia) | 6.50

Stretched curd made from cow's milk. This cheese is made with luscious cream with a dash of salt, creating a rich, velvety mixture

Raclette- Switzerland | 6

Semi- Hard cheese made from Cow’s milk. This cheese has a Aromatic sweetness and nutty flavour, served melted on a slice of French white bread finished with black cracked pepper

Assorted  Cheese Plate | 27

Pecorino Di Fossa, Truffle Caciocavallo, Stracciatella, Double Cream Brie


Jamon Serrano- Spain | 8

Cured 18 months

Pino’s Mortadella- Italian | 6

ProsciuttoI-Italian | 9

San Daniele Critterino 16 month aged

Duck Salami-Australia | 9.50

Wagyu Pastrami- Syd Australia | 9

Sobrasada- Eastern Spain | 7

Spreadable chorizo – cured

Cappocollo - Italian | 7

Pork scotch is salted, cured and dried for 3 to 6 months.

Salame Inferno (HOT) - Italian (Made in Syd) | 6

Salame Cacciatorino,Northern Italy | 6

Seasoned with black pepper, garlic and spices, then dry aged.

Tartufo Salami- Italian (Made in Aus) | 7.50

 Pork Salami w/ truffle shavings.

Assorted  Meats | 28

Prosciutto-Italian, Tartufo Salami, Mortadella, Sobrasada Chorizo.


Ortiz Anchovies- Spain | 16.50

In Olive oil,  Salted for 6-12 Months, complex texture and intense flavour

Olasagasti Cantabrian Anchovies-Spain |16.50

Each hand filleted fish delivers an umami bomb of vegemite-y flavour.

Cantabrian White - Spain | 12

 These white Anchovies are marinated in a mixture of vinegar and olive oil

Pollastrini Sardines - Italian 12

Sardines in olive oil, wild caught and only sardines from the Mediterranean Sea are used.

Ortiz Riserve Bonito- Spain | 14.50

White Tuna,  line caught and is freshly cooked and hand packed in olive oil hours after harvesting.


Homemade German Pretzel  | 4

Stone Oven Baguette | 3.50

 Crunchy Crusted French White| 3.50

*Each portion of bread comes with Hickory wood chip Smoked Butter