*Each Portion of cheese comes with a fruit paste and crispy thin bread

Pecorino Sardo - Italy | 10

Hard cheese from the Italian island of Sardina which is made from sheep milk: specifically from the milk of local Sardinian breed.

Valdivieso (w. Black Spanish Truffles) | 10

An exceptional quality semi-hard cheese made with milk from a single herd of La Mancha sheep. Black truffles (Tuber Melanosporum) are layered through the cheese during the mould-filling process.

Caciocavallo- Benevento Italy | 7.50

Semi-hard cheese made from Cow’s milk. This truffle-flavoured cheese is lightly sweet with a creamy yellow interior

Ubriaco (Drunk) al Prosecco- Italy | 8

Hard cheese made from Cow’s milk. This cheese is immersed in Prosecco for about 4 months.

Manchego - Spain | 9.50

Montecampero Gran Reserva is a 12 month aged Manchego cheese made in the region of La Mancha, Spain. Made from sheep’s milk of the Manchega breed.

Riverine Buffalo Blue | 8.50

Buffalo Milk Cheese, relatively mild Blue flavour with a creamy finish

Double Cream Brie- Adelaide Hills  South Australia | 8

Soft cheese, made from Cow's milk. This cheese has a rich and buttery flavour

Garrotxa Goat - Spain | 9

3 month aged artisan cheese made from pasteurized Goats Cheese, firm texture with a creamy flavour

Buffalo Mozzarella- Italy | 9

Crafted with 100% Italian buffalo milk from Italia Alleva certified farms. Only natural ingredients without the addition of preservatives. The Mozzarella served with Italian EVO, Sea Salt Flakes, Ground Pepper

Parmigiano Reggiano - Italy  | 10

Aged for 18-24 months

Collina Veneta - Italy | 8.50

A big flavoured, Italian cheese with a minimum of 12 months under its belt.
Collina Veneta has been described as the Italian answer to the great Alpine cheeses of Europe.

Assorted Cheese Plate| 35

Pecorino Toscano, Truffle Caciocavallo, Buffalo Mozzarella, Double Cream Brie


Jamon Serrano- Spain | 8

Cured 18 months

LP's Smoked Mortadella- Syd | 7

The traditional cold cut from Bologna with a LP twist.

Culatta Villani (Prosciutto Crudo) - Italy |9.50

A unique product of the Villani Norcia tradition which is made from the core of the ham and
has a distinctive pear shape and flavour.

LP's Salame Cotto - Syd | 9

Cooked Pork salami, made with toasted fennel, garlic, pepper, smoked for 5 hours

Bresaola - NSW | 19

The Bresaola from Quattro Stelle is a Cured beef meat served with Radicchio, Blue Cheese,
Walnuts, Pear, EVOO, Honey

Nduja Tradizionale- NSW | 8.50

A hot, spreadable Italian salami. This recipe has been in the Quattro Stelle family for
generations. A mixture of free-range Australian pork and pork fat, chilli, salt and olive oil.

Lonza - Italy | 7

Salted, cured and dried pork loin which has ben seasoned with herbs and spices.

Porchetta - Homemade | 12

3 hours slow cooked Porchetta, thin sliced.

Black Truffle & Squid Ink Salami QLD | 10

Made from hand-cut pork fat and whole musclItalian squid ink and black truffle.

Wild Kangaroo & Native Anise Myrtle - QLD | 9

Made from 70% wild eastern grey kangaroo from the Granite Belt with native anise myrtle and
strawberry gum for freshness.

Salame Cacciatore - NSW | 7

This classic salami from Quattro Stelle is carefully flavoured with salt and black pepper.

Cantimpalo Chorizo Rodriguez (HOT) - NSW  | 6.50

Assorted Meat | 31

Jamon Serrano, Tartufo Salami, Mortadella, Porchetta


Ortiz Anchovies- Spain | 17

In Olive oil,  Salted for 6-12 Months, complex texture and intense flavour

Mussels - Ria De Arosa - Spain | 16.50

Packed in a modestly spicy, vinegar-based escabeche marinade

Cantabrian White - Spain | 12

 These white Anchovies are marinated in a mixture of vinegar and olive oil

Pollastrini Sardines - Italian 12

Sardines in olive oil, wild caught and only sardines from the Mediterranean Sea are used.


Homemade German Pretzel  | 4ea

Stone Oven Baguette | 4ea

Stone Oven Baked White | 4.50ea

*Each portion of bread comes with Hickory wood chip Smoked Butter